Chaika: The Coffin Princess Season 1 Review -or- Fantasy Car References FTW

Some spoilers for season 1 will follow.

Hitsugi no Chaika, known in English as Chaika: The Coffin Princess, is a fantasy/mystery/adventure show based on a light novel series of the same name. It stars “siblings” Toru and Akari, a pair of magically-enhanced human soliders known as Saboteurs, who agree to be employed by the eponymous Chaika as a means to overcome their post-war ennui.

You see, Chaika Gaz–a white-haired girl who speaks in clipped sentences and wields a magical sniper rife (she uses it to cut a unicorn in half in episode 1)–introduces herself as the daughter of the former Evil Emperor Arthur Gaz, who was defeated five years ago at the end of a massive war. The eight heroes who defeated him chopped up his super-magical body and split his remains among themselves. Chaika’s goal is to gather those remains and…give him a proper burial.

See, that’s what’s so interesting about this show. It is, at every level, almost embarrassingly (for the viewer) charming. Chaika herself is nearly a realistic take on a moe character. Everything about her exudes “adorable”–and, perhaps paradoxically, that gives her an air of danger.

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