Mekakucity Actors -or- Monsters and Hoodies and Snakes, Oh My!

Spoilers, o’course.

I’ve mentioned Mekakucity Actors a couple of times so far, I think, comparing other shows to it (generally, unfavorably). It is, by the way, Mekakucity (all one word, from mekakushi [blindfold] and city). It is perhaps the most well-plotted show I’ve ever seen, some kind of anime mash-up between Hot Fuzz‘s attention to detail and Pulp Fiction‘s nonlinear style of storytelling. The art, classic Shaft, is stark and evocative, with bold, simple colors used to tell a story in a glance. From the first moment (or at least, the first moment where the environment is recognizable), you can tell that Mekakucity Actors is going to be anything but normal.

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