Basic Income: And It’s Looking Better All the Time…

A new study shows that people are happier in countries whose governments have strong social policies. Turns out a high tax rate doesn’t matter as much when you, you know, get things from it. I skimmed the paper they linked to, and it’s important to note that the positive relationships seem to stem, if not exclusively, then most heavily from increased welfare spending, not necessarily overall government consumption in the economy. Since that is the focus of this article (basic income being pretty obviously a form of welfare) that is where I would like to direct your attention. Those more knowledgable or less time-restricted than I might find other conclusions in the text; I would love to hear about them.

So if you’re somehow still on the fence or in denial that a basic income policy is useful, there goes one counter-argument. However bloated and inefficient you believe the government to be, the end result is happiness.
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Why Paying Your Taxes is Morally Obligatory

There is a considerable body of philosophy–such as it is–that begins with the assumption that any form of government seizure of personal wealth is morally wrong and is a violation of rights. This might bring to mind the libertarian movement, but I want to specifically state right now that I in no manner intend to disparage libertarianism. I believe there is a great deal to learn from that philosophy, though like every philosophical framework I have encountered, it is perhaps not as strictly catholic (read: universal) as they might assume.
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