Before: Chaika the Coffin Princess – Avenging Battle

Before and After are my paired anime review articles, one after episode 1 and one after the final episode, possibly of a season but more likely after an entire series, or if drop it. Look back here after a few months for my final opinion!

Chaika the Coffin Princess was one of my favorite series from a couple of seasons ago, with an interesting mystery plot, fun characters, and car references out the wazoo. Season 2, Avenging Battle, is airing now, and I’m already back in.

Avenging Battle jumps right back in, with a ten-second recap and a healthy dose of in media res to make the transition less jarring. Already the protagonists (deliciously villain-like protagonists!) are fighting one of the Eight Heroes that killed Emperor Gaz. Like all conflicts from season one, we get a worldbuilding (in this case, history and the magic system) and a little characterization–right proper technique, that.

Emperor Gaz had a plan, as he was dying in the last days of the multi-century war that preceded the series. Guy comes back with a message for Vivi the half-Chaika. The Acura siblings are still making with the comic relief. And, perhaps best of all, Chaika herself, all set to gain a level of gun-wizard, is still unabashedly adorable.

The show has lost none of its charm or interest, and even though it’s only set to run a pitiful ten episodes, if that’s enough to finish the series on a satisfying ending, I’ll be happy.

Chaika the Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

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